Thursday, September 06, 2007

A new home stereo for my new apartment

Recendly I moved in to a new apartment, after spending about fifty thousand in renovation I find that I missed a nice new set of home stereo in my apartment which I am stil listending to the old set of home stereo which is quite old and the sound was not so good compare to a set that I hear at my friends house. The set he brought recendly cost him about a few thousand that arouse me to buy a new set.

Spending one day going around with another friends who is very good in audio, looking for a new set with a recent price. After the third shop I make up my mind to have it installed in my apartment. The set cost me around seven thousand with two big speakers and two small speakers and the centre a small speakers and a subwoofer.
Now I readly enjoying the picture with the sound and even the music you are playing is much better compare to my old home stereo.


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