Monday, December 01, 2008

Youngster had their home stereo installed in the car

More and more youngster had their car modified with home stereo. Some even had home stereo theater sound installed in their car. You can even played video with today's technology such as the high tech CD players and MP3 players. The price of today's high tech are so much cheaper then the yesteryear when we want to installed a simple radio or cassette players.

With most youngster had their home stereo installed in the car, more and more auto shop coming up. Some auto shop even show photos to their customer how they modified others car. some had their price go down and even give warranty to their customer. My brother had his car modified until no relatives would like to sit at the back of his car.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cars with home stereo

Most car owners are enjoying the best music from an ipoh which are made easily with a number of car receiver products which have iPod adapters and more and more car would have their car install with stereo that cannot not removed due to their reasons. This it takes is the right adapter or a add-on, to give the sound you want.

With the modern technology all cars are equipped with the best car stereo system and with a Gps tracking system and even with a phone kids to make the driver more at ease while driving and feeling more relax.


Friday, April 25, 2008

purchasing a home stereo at home

When purchasing a home stereo at home, it is better to understand and know what we want and the model we want rather blindly purchase a set and later regret about it. Yes I did buy a very expensive set that was highly recommend by my friends but after a week i feel very frustrated because the sound was not what I expected and the service of the company was very bad as its staff are hard to contact and the promised was not keep.

If you are very not good in home stereo get a set that give you the best sound rather then a very good set that is hard to operate. Besides get the set from a stereo shops that is near to your home so you can expect a fast and better service.


Friday, March 07, 2008

home stereo are going cheaper and cheaper

With the modern technology home stereo are going cheaper and cheaper each year. Each year you can notice a new design out in the market from one company to another company. Some big company just a two years stock will go for 50 percentage sales discount. Now you can purchased a good set with affortable price. You can purchase through internet inline or from big complex selling all electricity goods.

Most home stereo set comes with subwoofers, two large home speakers equip with dvd sets, radio and tapes and the sound was fantastic good like you are watching a movies in a theater.


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