Monday, January 15, 2007

Entertainment Forever

There has been a revolution taking place in the home entertainment and electronics field in the past decade that will change how we view and listen to entertainment forever. Not long ago, you watched TV and listened to stereo music separately. But increasingly audio and video sources have become combined and now we have a multitude of audio/video devices that we can choose to enjoy including dvd players, camcorders, video games, HDTV, and more. And with this audio/video consolidation the home stereo receiver has had to keep up with the times.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Difference between old and new version of the multimedia.

Responding to the storm of demand for multimedia entertainment generated by MP3 players and iPODs, today announced the DMA-1000, a network device that delivers digital music and video to the home stereo system and TV with ease. DMA-1000 is power-packed with support for 1080i high definition (HD) streaming, HDMI connection to HDTV and USB 2.0 support. The DMA-1000 is packaged in a smaller form factor than other digital media adapters on the market and is designed as the hub of digital home entertainment - connecting the digital world with home entertainment.

With major players such as Microsoft and Intel predicted to launch multimedia technologies early next year, 2007 has been declared the official start of the Digital Home. The DMA-1000 plays digital video or audio files stored on personal computers on the home stereo or TV via Ethernet 10/100 connection and 802.11g - both wired and wireless connections. In addition, a USB thumb drive, or any USB-based storage device, can plug into the adapter to play music, video, and HD video directly to the TV or stereo.

In the past, consumers used a computer to view their images or photos. With the DMA-1000, consumers can enjoy HD video and images on their TV and can listen to music from their MP3 player in surround sound on their home stereo system.

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