Sunday, December 10, 2006

When you hear the words iPod Dock, you think, blah, not another one of these things, there’s been at least 100 released now and they all seem exactly the same. Well the iSymphony is indeed an iPod Dock, but it does do some other cool stuff that separates it from the pack, like the built in CD player, and the card reader that plays music off of your SD cards.

This dock isn’t exactly compact, the speakers alone take up more room than your average iPod dock, but for a home stereo replacement, this is fine. Any docking iPod will fit into the docking station, and it will be charged when plugged in, and iPod Shuffles, along with those non-iPod MP3 players, can use the USB port to play their tunes, yep not some boring aux jack. CD wise, the player can handle MP3, CD-(RW), and even WMA. While the card reader isn’t universal, it handles a variety of cards: SD, MMC, microSD, and miniSD. Every morning you can have the alarm clock wake you to your iPod, CD, or an AM/FM radio station. A 21 key remote control is included, but that sounds like it’s a bit complicated for simply controlling your music and checking the time.

For about $150, you can replace your old fashioned, aging alarm clock with a feature packed iPod stereo system that also handles charging, CDs, and even comes with a remote. Not that bad of a deal. Of course, you could just get an iPod HiFi for $350 and get 1/8 the features.

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